Supporting Seattle's Largest Dog Park

Since 2000 

  • 2000:  MOLG lobbied for and the Park Department received Pro Parks money for fencing, trails and a new beach configuration. These are now in place.

  • 2004:  MOLG applied for and received a neighborhood matching grant for design and construction of the SW Domed Field, now complete.

  • MOLG paid for construction drawings for a new dog washing station, away from the main gate. Parks paid for implementation.

  • MOLG lobbied for and created the Small/Shy Dog area and spent $8500 to fence this area.

  • MOLG paid for landscape and construction drawings for surface and drainage for the Main Field (the old muddy large field). The highest part of the field was revamped in ‘06. MOLG contributed $16,000 for the project and Parks contributed $30,000.
  • Lights are planned and have been permitted for the entire 9 acre Magnuson Off Leash Area. The estimate of the cost in ’09 was $260,000.

  • 2010: MOLG paid $4500 to install sturdy new fencing along the path to the lake.